Discover Islam Fundraising Appeal

Over the years there was steady growth on the impact of the work the centre does. Nearly 17500 people were reached with the message of Islam in 2014 alone. This is 17500 less people in the Western Cape likely to be duped into believing false views about Islam. In 2014 More than 200 reverts to Islam were assisted with their transition into Islam and Islamic education. 150 young Muslim reverts receive free Islamic education, meals and other support at our Township New Muslim outreach and education programs. In addition DIC has three other mobile learning centres for reverts at 3 Cape Masaajid.

Overall our Programs that require constant fundraisers:

  • Mosque Open Days
  • Da'wah caravans
  • Islam Expos
  • School Mosque tours
  • Public library outreach
  • Mall outreach
  • Street Da'wah
  • Feeding schemes
  • Township Madrasas x2
  • New Muslim classes x 4
  • Tarbiyyah Camps
  • Iftaar Programs
  • Da'wah awareness programs
  • Corporate Da’wah
  • Prison Da'wah outreach
  • Hospital visits

You can do the following:

  • Make a donation to the Discover Islam Centre and help us reach our targets. You can do this through EFT, Cash payments at our office, Monthly debit order or Call us to collect a donation from you.

Our Banking details:
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: Discover Islam Centre
Branch: Kromboom
Acc no: 072 873 647