Hospital Angel Network

The Project - Hospital Angel Network, under the umbrella of Discover Islam, established in 2005 as a Non Profitable Organization, is a network committed to the development of credible volunteers who will be giving the inpatients the necessary hospital care and palliative care. The aim of the project is to provide a volunteer service to various hospitals with in the Western Cape. We would like to provide trained, capable, screened volunteers to support patients from any religious denomination.

Our Mission

  • To assist patients through education, recreation and information and to make healthier choices.
  • To encourage them to take responsibility for their own recovery and future well-being.
  • To help patience to come to terms with their diagnosis in a positive way and assist them to move on.
  • To promote patient participation within our hospitals and Health Service.


  • No one should suffer in silence or feel isolated
  • Building self-confidence
  • Regain a sense of belonging
  • Learning to laugh again

We Know

  • The impact some illnesses has on families
  • The fears of dying, suffering and pain
  • The life-changing experience that illnesses brings to mind, body and spirit
  • What it’s really like to live with certain illnesses

Our Vision is to

  • Serve those who cannot help themselves
  • Help ease there pains, suffering and emotionally constraints
  • Those who is in need of prayers and spiritual support
  • Have an understanding of the sickness types and how they deal with it
  • Give moral support and guidance in any situation

Our Goals are to

  • Become the leading Network to visit the sick within our hospitals in South Africa
  • Give moral support
  • Be a self-sustaining model within a complex environment within hospitals
  • Communicating and responding positively to those who are helpless and bedridden
  • Envisage a caring world for communities and empowered social obligations to fulfil the sick and the helpless people within our community and hospitals

Our organization, Project - Hospital Angel Network can only achieves its goals with the assistance, support and generous donations from members of our community. Without these donations, serving those in our hospitals would not be possible.

Individuals supporting our efforts will make a difference in our community and allow us to continue within our framework of hope and to those who are helpless in and around our hospitals.

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