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Who we are:
Our mission and vision

The mission of Discover Islam Centre is to share the beautiful message of Islam. To provide multi-faceted support for new muslims and help build a vibrant community.

Our vision is to become the leading facilitator for Da’wah in Africa; To convey the message of Islam internationally; Be a self-sustaining model within a complex which will be a centre of Da’wah activity.We project the beauty and core values of Islam and in so doing respond positively to unwarranted, negative criticism levelled against Islam and Muslims.

In 1999 the Muslim Judicial Council,a leading organization of Islamic leaders opened a Department of Da’wah headed by Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick. In 2005 the Da’wah department was instrumental in the formation of a national body known as the “Da’wah coordinating forum”. In the same year a need was identified for a more systematic and multi-dimensional approach to Da’wah.

Dr AH Quick, a specialist in history and a graduate of the faculty of Da’wah at the Islamic University in Madina laid much of the foundation needed for the establishment of the Discover Islam Centre. His experience in the field of Da’wah and a person who himself had accepted Islam made him the natural choice as the first Director for the Discover Islam Centre. It consists of a board of Directors, a Director, and four full time staff members.

Various publics play an important role in the operations of the DIC. These publics include financial, media, government, as well as citizen action groups. Financial publics comprise of sponsors and donors which the DIC works with and benefits from. Media includes local radio stations, newspapers, websites and community exhibitions.

The DIC also networks with community, educational and welfare organisation in offering services and programs that fulfil the vision and mission criteria of the organisation. These organisations include the Da’wah Co-ordinating Forum (DCF), Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), Darun Naim Islamic Institute, SANZAF and various other bodies.

The Discover Islam Centre is a non-profit organization.


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